Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh So Sweet, Cupcake Recipe Stand

     Last month in my box of goodies for my design team projects as a Zutter Zister I got this hand dandy Display-it-All stand. I've used one before, making it into a counter to see how many layouts I get done each year (not doing so good this year :( ), but I wanted to see what else this little stand could do. I loved the idea of turning into a recipe book, and knew right away that I wanted to make a cupcake themed one for my SIL Crystal who make the most amazing cupcakes (Reese's cupcake with peanut butter frosting is to die for!!!).

I started off by spray painting the stand as it comes in black, and since the pieces are metal it covered nicely. I found a great set of recipe cards at my local craft store for a few dollars and used those as a template to size the book. After cutting the pages, attatching the recipe cards, cutting out some cute baking themed dies from my Silhouette machine, I got this cute book whipped up in just about two hours. I am really happy with how it turned out and think I may just have to make one for me now!! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

With Enough Caffeine...

For those who know me, know that I don't have an addictive personality, however, when it comes to coffee I should probably be in a support group!! I love coffee, especially Starbucks, (there are two within 5 minutes of my house!) and drink way more than I should.

I have had this cute mini in my "to finish" basket for quite some time and was finally motivated to get it put together this week. I love having coffee dates with my girlfriends, and thought it would be fun to have a place to keep all of those memories. I haven't added any photos yet, but my goal this next month will be to get some pics of myself and my fellow coffee addicts.

I found a stamp in my stash that I bought quite some time ago that reads "With enough caffeine, I could rule the world!" I love the saying, and when I am on a coffee high, crafting away until 2 in the morning, I do feel like I could rule the world, (until I pass out from pure exhaustion!) lol.

 I used alot of fun mementos from Starbucks also inside of this book, a gift card, coffee sleeve, stir sticks, and even cut out a portion of the bag that my yummy bagel comes in. I wanted to keep it simple, but fun. Hope you enjoy my coffee mini and are inspired to take a moment and craft your addiction.


Front of the album, using lots of Starbucks momentos, and my
"With enough caffeine, I could rule the world!" stamp.

One of the inside pages, I attatched a gift card to a coffee sleeve and
cut the bottom portion of a Starbucks bag and bound that right
in with my pages.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Introduction as a Zutter Zister

    I am so excited to share my first blog post as a Zutter Zister that went live May 9th on the Bind-it-All Blog titled "A Little Whimzee and a Sweet Mother's Day Mini".  I created  a special order album for Mother's Day using the feminine, vintage line from Crate Paper, Portrait Collection. I was so excited and a bit nervous to be posting among so many other talented ladies, but I think I showed off my style and a bit of my personality in this post through my project and hope everyone enjoyed it. 
    This was a very hard album to part with! I albsolutely fell in love with the colors and the fun butterflies scattered throughout. However, my friend and customer was giving this to a very important lady in her life for Mother's Day, so that makes it a bit easier. :) Hope you are following the Bind-it-All Blog so that you can keep up with my journey as a Zutter Zister this year and get to see some of the fun stuff I get to create as part of this amazing design team.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lessons to Camp by

An awesome part about being on a design team is being challenged to use products you haven't worked with or used before. I had yet to use clipboard wood before starting this project and wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it until I found the inner pages of the book in my "projects to finish" box. I started off by using my Round it All to round the corners of the clipboard wood and as soon as I did that I realized that it looked like the graham cracker to a s'more! The ideas started swirling and this fun mini came together quite easily.

Our theme for this month is Life Lessons, and I thought about all the things I have learned about camping the past few years while camping with the Girl Scouts and family and thought I'd add a funny spin to it. I added fun "lessons" throughout the book, like "When using a public campground, place a tuba on your picnic table to keep campsites on either side vacant."

I was really impressed with how easily the clipboard punched in my  Bind-it-All and loved how it added that extra weight to my book. I also sanded the edges of the clipboard to add a little extra texture and to make it look a little more closesly like a smore, as I have yet to have a perfectly smooth edge on my graham crackers. Hope you enjoy these Lessons to Camp by as much as I do!



Zutter Bind-it-All

Clipboard Wood Covers

1" Silver O-Wire


Paper: Bo Bunny Roughin It

Ribbon Hydrangea Hippo

Sizzix Stampin Up! Dots Embossing Folder

"If lost in the woods, try to find a raccoon or possum. They will lead you to a
busy highway, and if the car that hit them stops, you can ask for a ride."

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Birthday Bling

Hello friends! Just wanted to share a few of my birthday goodies that I received this year from my amazing friends. I truly love hand made gifts, whether it's a card from my kids or something someone crafted. Here are some of the amazing gifts I received and will cherish forever!
Owl Cup Cozy from my friend Pattie

Owl Cup my friend my dear friend Sahnda Marie

Keep Calm and Make Coffee beeswax art from my sister Jessica!

Coffee Queen t-shirt ordered by my dear friend Sahnda Marie
See a pattern? Coffee and owls, two of my favorite things! I am such a lucky girl! Have a wonderful week friends. :0)